Sedation Dentistry in Reno Nevada

Our primary concern is ensuring your well being and comfort when you are with us. Our dedicated team of professionals tries to make sure that you feel at home all the time. The use of sedatives in dental procedures has been necessitated by several factors. One of the factors is the fear and reservation of patients regarding dental procedures.

Some patients are uncomfortable with the idea of dental treatment and it is hard for them to stay calm, hence they are not able to cooperate with the dentist. Conscious Sedation is useful in relaxing patients to a certain comfort level to make dental treatment easier on them. 

There are many types of sedatives that may be used in a procedure. The use of oral Conscious sedatives or Nitrous Oxide will depend on patient’s medical history, compatibility and the type of dental procedure.

Dr. Tom De Bruin will discuss with you in detail the effects and side-effects of the sedative that are to be used. Rest assured, all the procedures are done under the supervision of experienced professionals and relevant safety measures.

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