Root Canal Therapy in Reno, Nevada

Repeated dental procedures, cracked tooth, a gum disease, cavity or a trauma can all make teeth vulnerable to attack from bacteria and consequently to decay. Even though it is guarded by strong enamel and dentin, the pulp chamber, which contains a substance called dental pulp, can get damaged. Dental pulp carries essential nerves, which are vital for the nourishment of the tooth.

When in contact with germs, pulp can start decaying rapidly, killing the nerves with it. If not treated in time, the decayed or dead nerves can result in tooth loss. Root Canal Therapy aims at removing this decay and saving the tooth from permanent damage. There are some symptoms through which you can identify decay in dental pulp, like –

  • Increased sensitivity towards cold drinks or hot eatables.
  • Swollen gums
  • Pain in neck, head or the area surrounding the affected tooth

It is in a way a preventive procedure, done to save a tooth from permanent loss. Therefore timely detection and treatment is essential for the success of this procedure. Once you pay a visit to de Bruin Dental Center, we will conduct thorough diagnosis and establish whether your tooth needs a root canal treatment or not. Often a placement of a crown is required after the procedure is done, to repair damage and protect the tooth long term.

Book an appointment and visit our Reno dentists, Nevada as soon as you notice any symptoms of dental decay. 

Root Canal Treatment in RenoRoot Canal Therapy in Nevada

Root Canal Therapy in RenoRoot Canal Reno Nevada

Root Canal In Reno