Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Reno

Malocclusion is a condition where teeth are not aligned symmetrically. Orthodontics & Orthopedics is meant to correct alignment issues to make sure that they do not cause further problems. Here the main focus is on the jaw structure and alignment of teeth which are undergoing constant changes.

Orthopedic care in the beginning, like the use of aligners and retainers can help prevent use of advanced therapies later on. Orthodontics can take over when the need is felt for a more aggressive and extensive approach, like the use of braces to push teeth back in shape over a period of time.

Orthopedic treatments can help you recover from damaging habits and develop a stronger base to face a lifetime of oral health issues. Crowding of teeth, misplaced teeth and other cases of malocclusion can be cured by effectively applying orthodontics and orthopedics.

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