Gum Treatments in Reno - Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Did you feel pain while chewing food last night or did you experience blood while brushing in the morning? This is something that most people usually avoid and leave the body to cure itself naturally. These can very well be the symptoms of a gum disease, which should not be ignored.

What makes a gum disease harmful is the fact that you may not even be aware about its existence inside your mouth, as it most periodontal diseases do not show prominent signs in the beginning. Once it achieves an advanced stage, symptoms such as bleeding in gums, pain while chewing, bad breath, redness in gums and receding gums. To avoid aggravation of a gum disease, it is recommended that you visit de Bruin Dental Center for timely check-ups.

Our periodoontics Dr. Tom De Bruin will present a few gum treatment options which may vary from an aggressive approach to treatments that are limited to the surface, depending upon the stage the disease is in. Procedures used in aggressive Non-Surgical Gum Therapy include Root Planning and Curettage. These procedures aim at removing excessive amount of plaque and bacteria present below the gum line. Our skilled hygienists will make sure that your mouth is completely bacteria free and away from the threat of gum diseases.

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