Implant Restoration in Reno, Nevada

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may lead to tooth loss, which can be the case of a host of dental troubles. Not only the biting strength is reduced, losing teeth can even affect the way you speak. In addition to functional problems, missing teeth impact the aesthetic your smile and face by making it look sunken, hence adding years on the face.

One of the most popular restoration methods is Implant Restoration. Unlike a dental bridge, an implant is fixed to the jaw bone. A metal abutment screwed to the bone acts as a strong and permanent base for the artificial tooth. The advantage of an implant over dental bridges is that it is independent and does not require surrounding teeth to help it stay in place. This proves to be beneficial when adjacent teeth are not strong enough to provide able support to the restoration.

Instead of affecting the neighboring teeth, an implant restoration strengthens the biting power of the mouth. Dr. Tom de Bruin, with the help of his team of skilled professionals will provide you a natural looking artificial tooth, which will stay with you for years to come.

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Implant Restoration in RenoImplant Restoration in Nevada

Dental Implant Restoration RenoImplant Restoration Reno-Nevada

Dental Implant Restoration Nevada