Hygiene Services in Reno, Nevada

Maintaining a healthy mouth requires constant attention and care. Good oral hygiene is absolutely essential for the well being of your mouth. Brushing and flossing habits may help you keep your mouth clean on the surface but these basic methods can’t provide full protection from germs. Hygiene Services at de Bruin Dental Center have been designed with the aim of keeping our patients’ mouth feeling and looking clean and healthy.

While not paying attention to oral hygiene has visible effects on the surface of the teeth, it can have much more serious consequences like gum diseases, cavities and bad breath. The most common problem is accumulation of plaque on teeth, a sticky substance formed by bacteria which can spread in any part of the mouth where your toothbrush can’t reach. If not checked, plaque turns into tartar, which is difficult to remove and weakens the tooth enamel, causing tooth decay. Presence of bacteria in the mouth also results in bad breath, which can be unsettling.

Our Hygiene Services are meant to prevent the formation of tartar and plaque by the means of effective cleaning and fluoride treatment. A germ free mouth feels and looks fresher which is why it is recommended to regularly visit the dentist.

Our practice is located in Reno, Nevada. Contact us today and walk out with a fresh, germ free mouth.
Hygiene Services in RenoHygiene Services in Reno NevadaHygiene Services in Reno NV