Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Reno - Nevada

Many patients are scared of visiting the dentist because of the fear of losing teeth. This fear sometimes gives the decay and infection time to grow further inside the mouth. Tooth Extraction is done only when there is no other way left to save the tooth. As dentists, we have been trained to take care of our patients’ mouths and in the following circumstances we may have to remove teeth to make your mouth problem free.

  • You are suffering from a bad case of tooth decay.
  • Teeth may also be removed to correct alignment issues that exist in your teeth structure.
  • Overcrowding of teeth.
  • Eruption in the fracture line can have serious repercussions and it may need removal.
  • While fixing dentures or preparing teeth for braces, certain teeth may be removed to make way.
  • Impacted third molars.

Tooth Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth usually involves extensive work and may be referred to an oral surgeon.

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Tooth Extractions in RenoTooth Extractions in Reno NV

Tooth Extractions in Reno NevadaTooth Extractions Reno Nevada