Emergency Dentist in Reno Nevada

If you feel like you are experiencing a dental emergency and need a emergency dentist in Reno, Nevada. Call 775-826-1838

Dental emergencies are no different than other medical emergencies. They also require immediate attention so that a bleeding gum or a loose tooth does not turn into something more severe. De Bruin Dental Center offers Emergency Dentistry service so that our patients can get the attention that they need and when they need. Whether it is the case of a painful jaw, bleeding gums, loose teeth, loose/lost crown, or swollen gums, do not ignore it and seek immediate medical help. Even after office hours, you are welcome to call  ask us for help and we will do the best we can to help your situation.
Ignoring dental trouble means giving it a chance to develop into a bigger problem. If taken care of at the right time, certain dental conditions can be prevented before getting worse. Try and maintain good oral health by visiting the dentist regularly. This may help you in avoiding emergency services.

In case of emergencies, contact us at our emergency dentist in Reno Nevada.