Dental Crowns in Reno, Nevada

Also called dental caps, crowns can be used for many purposes and in many dental procedures. Known for their cosmetic as well as restorative benefits, dental crowns are effective in treating dental defects like chipped teeth, worn down teeth, decayed tooth surface and teeth that have suffered damage in an accident or a disease. They are also used after certain dental procedures like Root Canal therapy, where surface of the tooth requires extensive repair work.

They are fixed in place using a strong adhesive, completely replacing the biting surface of the affected tooth, unlike other restorative dental works like Porcelain Onlays/Inlays and Bonded Fillings, which are used to restore only a portion of damaged tooth surface. Our team at de Bruin Dental Center works towards achieving precision so as to provide a natural looking and comfortable restoration.

The material used in the preparation of dental crowns can vary from gold alloys to ceramic or porcelain. Every material has its own implications, so it is really about finding the right combination to come up with the most durable and precise result. Discuss with Dr. Tom De Bruin about the most suitable options for your case.

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Dental Crowns in Reno, NevadaDental Crowns in Reno, NVDental Crowns in Reno