Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings in Reno

de Bruin Dental Center offers Bonded Fillings, both as as cosmetic and restorative treatments. The job of Bonded Fillings is not only restricted to reconstructing a damaged biting surface of a tooth - The aim of this procedure is to create a bond between the enamel and the filling. To make it last for a long time, strong resins are custom-molded to the damaged portion, once it is cleared of infection. The biggest benefit of this restoration is that it lets the dentist work in a more flexible and skillful manner, by providing room for detailed modifications, granting a fresh and natural look.

A single visit to the de Bruin Dental Center should suffice in order to complete this type of dental work. Bonded fillings also offer a good opportunity to patients who have old or decayed fillings, should they wish to replace them with a higher-quality, tooth-colored, more permanent dental filling. The clean finish, which can be achieved through Bonded Fillings, makes it hard to detect the restoration as it fits well in the framework of the tooth.

Essential changes, such as adjusting the color of the composite according to the surroundings, can be done smoothly, further increasing its aesthetic value. Composite white fillings can also be used to given even look to misshapen or chipped teeth; to cover the gaps between teeth and for replacing silver or amalgam fillings.

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Bonded Fillings in RenoBonded Fillings in Reno Nevada