Sandra Both my daughter and I had our teeth damaged in car accidents. The work we had done to repair the damage was just adequate. My front teeth didn’t match. They were so bad that my daughter pointed out that my teeth were different colors. Since I am always in the public eye for my job, I wanted badly to have the work redone to look more natural and attractive.

I was looking for someone advanced in his approach to dentistry when I found Dr. de Bruin in a magazine. Once I met him, I knew I had made the right choice. I felt right at home. Dr. de Bruin is not only well educated in cosmetic dentistry, he is very personable and his team is warm and friendly. Each visit was so pleasant that I actually looked forward to my appointments!

Dr. de Bruin performed such a beautiful and natural looking full mouth rehabilitation that people who saw me were not sure what about me had changed. They thought I had lost weight or changed my hairstyle when really, what they were noticing was my radiant, new smile!

Sandra Currie, School Lecturer– SHARE Program


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