I had teeny, tiny teeth. They were yellow and one was even missing. I had TMJ pain, but worst of all, my friend told me that I had the ugliest teeth. I did not want to go through 20 years of denture misery the way my mother did.

I have a terrible fear of dentists, but I decided to talk to Dr. de Bruin. Because of all of my worn down teeth, we decided on full mouth rehabilitation. He and his team were so patient with me. They never pressured me or made me feel silly. They gave me lots of time to relax and even did some of my dentistry standing up at times when I was too panicky to lie down in the chair. They did whatever it took to get me through my appointment. At one of my appointments, I even fell asleep during the procedure! That is the best testament to his care and to his team.

When we finished they showed me my new teeth in the mirror and my knees just buckled! My teeth were so pretty!

Patti Chastain, Real Estate Agent

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